Our Search and Recruiting Process

The Talent Edge Search Process

Talent Edge was specifically designed for search execution and speed and not for business development to generate new clients – for that, we rely on performance. Process is important but outstanding execution is the key. Our singular focus results in delivering the right candidate placements on nearly 100% of our searches.

A Partner is accountable for every aspect of the search, from start to finish. Our size allows us access to executives employed by companies our larger competitors can not approach due to blockage or conflict of interest. In order to ensure high client contact, attention to detail and exceptional results, our Partners limit the engagements they accept at a given time.

All research activity at Talent Edge is conducted in-house since we strongly believe that consultants are always more effective when they are personally responsible for the initial identification and qualification. The first element of all research is to compile a target list of relevant companies and this is achieved by combining our market knowledge with any specific recommendations that have been provided by our client.

Once the interviews are complete it is our responsibility to assist with the offer process and act as an intermediary. This ensures that future relationships between our client and the preferred candidate are not soured by contract negotiations and that we are able to arrange the earliest start date possible. Talent Edge’s candidate management also continues throughout the early days of employment and beyond, providing successful assimilation within our client’s business.

We are aware that a poor fit situation may arise if executives are hired based on where they are coming from without enough thought given to where they are going. The ability to effect real change in a new position or company hinges not just on the candidate’s assets but also on institutional assets such as employee engagement, culture, customer brand awareness, and talent magnetism. Cultural awareness is one of the most neglected and yet most powerful predictors of executive success.

Search and Selection Process + Client Partnership = Practically Guaranteed Success This equation has proven itself successful time and time again. At Talent Edge, a successful search is a partnership between a motivated and involved client, and experienced search professionals. We begin by listening, apply the knowledge we have gained to launch the research process, identify potential candidates, manage the interview process and ensure that the final negotiations culminate in a successful hire. By doing what we do best, Talent Edge allows the client to concentrate on its business, while we recruit the talent for their future.

We believe that no two senior-level executive search engagements are identical.

Although there are many common elements that exist between certain functional areas of expertise within a given industry, each senior-level search assignment must be approached and appreciated for the unique business challenges a particular client is experiencing within their competitive market as well as within the dynamics of their own company. It is this philosophy that guides our approach to carefully calibrating the many critical variables that ultimately influence the long-term success of each executive search assignment.

Talent Edge Search Process Map