An absolute dedication to customer service and satisfaction

Talent Edge is the executive search firm of choice for client corporations who appreciate that rigorous organizational research is the foundation of every search assignment.

We differentiate ourselves from other large executive search firms by:

  • Forming a seamless search partnership with our clients
  • Offering on-going support to the newly hired talent
  • Guaranteeing our search results

We have the flexibility to tailor our services to meet our client’s needs. Decision making is quick regarding the level of service, timing, process and approach to best fit our client’s requirements.

We ensure that clients and candidates operate with the highest standards of quality, ethics and professionalism in the industry.

One Partner is responsible for each assignment retaining full responsibility for managing the entire process and remaining the single point of contact.

Talent Edge’s market position allows us to identify target organizations and approach individuals based on our client’s specific needs. The recruiting sources are virtually unlimited because we are not hampered by excessive off-limits or other internal restrictions.

Our Consultative Approach

Only solid, up-front work and meticulous execution will minimize delays later in the search process. In-depth client interview, intensive candidate sourcing and careful qualifying, all combine to yield our average time of 4-6 weeks from authorization to presentation of the successful candidate.


Talent Edge is purposely organized with a small group of professionals who are qualified to conduct high-level search assignments. Our principals have held management posts in industry, professional services, outsourcing and consulting in addition to having gained years of experience in executive recruitment. Our firm understands the dynamics of corporate management from personal experience and we are well-grounded in the methods and networks of successful management recruiting.

A Continuing Relationship

Every assignment is focused on quality, integrity and the belief that the success of our work will lead to a long-term association. Acting as an extension of the client's management team, we can continue to offer valuable advice and counsel on a wide scope of organizational, compensation or succession planning matters. We understand that success in a new role is often predicated on both the candidate and client “hitting the ground running”. At Talent Edge we have the experience of these situations and can provide detailed assistance to both parties to ensure a smooth transition.