Client Services

Talent Edge’s mission is to assist our clients achieve and maintain their competitive business advantage by finding, attracting, and nurturing the very best executives for their executive and leadership teams. We achieve this by tapping into an extremely high caliber network of senior executives from which to source talent and by following a search process with a demonstrated record of success

To Our Clients, We Pledge to:

Provide high quality service which adds value and benefit to your company.

Provide service which is efficient, responsive to your needs, and characterized by high ethical standards.

Identify quality and integrity in the candidates we represent.

We will collaborate with you throughout your project, providing regular updates on how we are progressing. Finally, we will present our findings along with strategic recommendations on the next step actions you may wish to take.

Contact Us If ...

You recognize that taking your business to the next level will require new leadership and a well thought succession plan in place

You have decided to cut costs but refuse to reduce competency; leadership that extends to more than one area of expertise is a desirable option.

You know business is on the upswing and you recognize that morale and motivation need improvement.

You have a loyal team that has been with you forever, yet business is suffering. You wonder what to do and still protect the staff you have.

You are curious as to why your competitors are doing so well and want to know how your executives stack up against the competitio

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