About Talent Edge

About Talent Edge

Based in San Francisco Bay area, Talent Edge is an executive search firm with a global focus undertaking assignments in the US, UK and in India. Our clients' profiles range from the world's largest companies to a wide variety of private equity backed enterprises.

We specialize in hiring key executives within the Professional Services, Technology, IT and Outsourcing businesses and across the functions of Sales and Marketing, Industry Specialists, Client Engagement, Project Management, Process, Operations and Consultancy. Our exclusive recruitment process provides best practice services to all our client organizations whether they be elite organizations found on the Fortune 500 list or fledgling start-ups.

We work for our clients on the basis of either an exclusive retainer or a contingency mandate and are committed to providing a superior level of client service through our highly personalized style, proven methodology, client focus, and our deep understanding of your business.

Our team of seasoned Consultants and research staff backed by an extensive network of professional contacts and executive resource pool, enables Talent Edge to become your organization’s integral recruiting partner.

Our Story

Search with a Difference. All start-ups have a story behind them. We are no exception. When Talent Edge was conceptualized in 2007, the founders, deeply passionate about executive search, analyzed industry practices and determined what would make a meaningful difference. They realized that the approach to headhunting, as it was being practiced, was more about the transaction than the result. Even the industry vocabulary - ‘executing a search,’ ‘closing the position,’ all seemed to indicate that a search firm's job was done once the candidate showed up for their first day of work. They felt there was something more to be done. An emphasis on long term candidate fit and retention was essential. Based on these fundamental concepts, to provide businesses an edge in the placement of talent, Talent Edge was born.